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Featured Games

Our entertainment brand ADI1 Games offers a selection of mobile and platform digital games.
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UFM Mini Games

UFM Games presents the UFM Mini Games, free-to-play arcade games that will challenge your speed and accuracy.

UFM Free The Market

A 3D, single-player, city builder and government simulator.

Join the FUN as you take on entrepreneurial and political challenges, so that the market that you create can THRIVE TO SURVIVE!

You will be coordinating the actions of willing citizens of the private sector. You may assign them dwellings, job roles, or even coordinate actions to defend their own freedoms.

UFM Escaping Totalitarianism III

A redesigned escape room using augmented reality (AR), digitally applying the mechanics of conventional escape rooms enhancing the immersive gaming experience.

UFM Escaping Totalitarianism II

A single-player augmented reality (AR) game you can play at home. This Escape Room series can also be:

  • an active learning tool for educational courses, or
  • used to engage an audience with a novel experience in conferences, workshops and special events.

UFM Escaping Totalitarianism I

Discover the importance of freedom and the dangerous seduction of totalitarianism in this immersive, augmented reality (AR) gaming experience.