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ADI1 provides quality, B2B innovation & development services.

The ADI1 Corporate Subscription


ADI1 provides business-to-business (B2B) services for the leadership, development and evolution of complex, innovative products, combining digital advancements & analog peripherals.

Our business services assist in building tip-of-the-spear innovative products, such as complex platforms that enable ad-hoc, multi-platform, global, corporate applications.

To get started, we recommend obtaining ADI1 Corporate Subscription‘s Standard Plan, which provides the benefits of our main corporate services:

  • ADI1 Intel, our business intelligence and data analytics package.
  • ADI1 Innovation, providing smart ideas on new product features & enhancements.
  • ADI1 Engineering, our corporate product design & technology development services.

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ADI1 Corporate Services

The following ADI1 technology services are intended for small to medium companies who would like to jump in quickly to the highly-paced technology movement, without the burdens of building a large internal development team. We can also directly guide and assist your internal management, design and development teams, as well as your third party providers, if your business and products need it.

Further Details | ADI1 Corporate Services


ADI-1 provides business to business solutions for your everyday corporate technology development needs.

Product Development, Strategic Leadership & Effective Teams

Once your prototype is ready, obtain advisement and development services that will help push forward your idea into the market. During the product development processes, boost strategic business thinking to enhance a product launch that exceeds expectations. We also provide strategic thinking for product development processes, and team management methodologies. In particular, we guarantee team effectiveness by putting in place agile and practical team management methodologies.

Global Collaboration and S.M.A.R.T. Goals

We have the ability to combine forces with our client’s internal teams, second and third parties, to guarantee the best outcome for your products. We also guarantee product delivery and satisfaction by establishing goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Your business idea is so complex that it sounds impossible to make?
Sounds JUST like the project we would love to help you with!

Prototype Development & Proofs of Concept

Keep-It-Simple does not mean your products might not be complex. Hence, we provide prototyping services for those great ideas that require a proof of concept.

Advanced Peripherals

Bring your digital products into LIFE with IoT. Enhance your marketing campaigns and your social media content by creating your very own advanced products that combine the digital and the analog.

Ad-Hoc Marketing Campaigns

Ever feel you need to connect with your clients? What a better way than to create marketing campaigns with custom solutions with a bit of tech to help you reach the WOW FACTOR.

Intelligent Systems (Complex & Online)

We live in a world hungry for products that understand us. Sometimes, that means that our products must evolve. Well, technology can enhance the customer journey by doing just that!