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Adolfo Molina von Ahn

Role: Business and Product Innovations.

Adolfo Molina is a creative is a Computer Systems Engineer with a Masters degree in Business Administration, Finance and Honourable Leadership (Ehrbarer Kaufmann). Adolfo, or Adi, is a technology innovations enthusiast, a product development leader and a strategic, business-oriented engineer.

¡Hola! I’m Adi.

I’m an innovation enthusiast and business products developer. I like to think of myself as a strategic, business-oriented engineer and a creative problem solver. Leading teams and managing operations regarding Product Development is a natural role for me.

You can usually find me with my pet dog, Gaia, somewhere in the U.S.A., Germany, or most probably in a remote, waterside view with WIFI in Guatemala, Central America.

Adi M.

Written Works

Enhancing Business Innovation Systems

“Defining an enhanced System for Innovation in New Product Development for capital markets via a financial market data event-study in the Sports-Technology Industry.”

Master Thesis by Adolfo Molina v. Ahn, at the Hamburg School of Business Administration.

“Addressing Innovation, Research and Development (R&D) and Marketing to Improve the Financial Condition.”
Case Study on a Restructuring Appraisal, Corporate Choice.

Risk & Financial Management

“OTC Trading of Derivatives – Regulatory Concerns and Initiatives in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis.”
Financial Management.

“Arbitration during the Olympic Games.”
Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.

“Becoming a green insurance company – A company pull strategy in Space and Satellite Liability Insurance via risk mitigation, cost reduction and lobbyism at the European level for the provision of incentives within the whole value chain.”
Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Communication.

“Market Entry Strategy for a German Product to Northeastern U.S.A. (Cape Cod, Boston, Providence)”
International Management and Supply Chain.

Other Works

Adolfo has helped businesses grow their products through engineering and business principles.
Feel free to check out his portfolio here: