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Portfolio | Adolfo Molina v. Ahn

Here is a memoir for Adi Molina’s work along the years. These are screenshots of the final work for which Adi Molina has helped engineer and been part of.

Conferences by Adolfo Molina

A few photos in conferences and lectures.

FOX App for Disney International Channels

Led the technology initiatives, including D2C Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) development, behind the mobile streaming app on Android, Android TV, Apple iOS and Apple tvOS and 10 Foot Smart TVs.

National Geographic Ocean Day

Developed the interactive campaign Ocean Day for The National Geographic.

RS Components Campaign

Developed the RS Components marketing Campaign for Greenlight, London, UK.

National Geographic Webisodes

Developed the multi-regional, video streaming platform for delivering quality clips by the National Geographic.

FOX TV Brands Platform

Developed the platform to deliver various brand sties for the FOX Networks Group.

FOX International Channels

Developed the company’s international presentation page.

Greenlight’s Content Platform

Developed a multi-client, Global Online Search and Social Interaction Platform, a B2B solution for media assets, press releases, blog content, videos and social media content.

ASU Spark Robots

An intel sponsored competition by Arizona State, earning second place.